Saturday, October 4, 2014

Monsterrific Tales Spotlight: The Unwilling Witch by David Lubar



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Here we are at the third volume of Monsterrific Tales! I was really interested to see how Lubar would right a young female character. Angie is not a stranger to weirdness. Here brother has just recently survived becoming a Vampire. While walking to meet a friend at the mall Angie meets a fragile old woman and is given an unexpected gift.

Soon Angie finds her slightest wishes turned into reality, even if she doesn’t know how. Sebastian becomes the Unfortunate recipient of several hilarious transformations just by being in Angie’s presence.

Like the stories before, Angie must figure out a solution to her powers before she becomes a Witch permanently. This is tricky for Angie because there is so much good she can do in the world, when she isn't fighting off those who seek to steal her powers.

Lubar does  a great job with the female characters in this book, especially with her interactions with her best friend and a scary bully, I thought the ending was wonderfully done and had a great positive message.

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