Friday, October 3, 2014

Monsterrific Tales Spotlight:The Vanishing Vampire by David Lubar

halloween-Kai 4


  this is the second book in Lubar’s series , and involves Sebastian turning into a Vampire. In every volume of this series the main protagonist becomes my favorite until of course I read the next one :). I do however love Sebastian’s fascination with monsters and scary movies.
While walking home from the latest creature feature  Sebastian feels a nick on his neck and soon begins to morph into a Vampire: Shape shifting into fog and a bat, craving blood, and enhanced senses.
Though a part of Sebastian is fascinated with the changes he is also afraid that they will be permanent. With the help of his best friend Norman Sebastian searches for a cure to his condition as the changes grow closer and closer to being permanent. I loved Lubar’s portrayal of Sebastian’s friends and family. Sebastian manages to hold himself together because of Norman and his sisters support.

Like all the books in this series this volume is short but sweet. A very satisfying read.

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