Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Share: 41 Fall State of Mind, Zombies, Reading Life




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Happy Sunday! I've been trying to get into a fall frame of mind but its really difficult here in sunny California! Following through on various rituals however have had me feeling like fall is here.



The mornings are finally getting cool enough for me to drink tea! So I've been having my favorite:






I’ve also been enjoying some of my favorite fall fruits:





Cinnamon immediately makes me think of the fall season so I pick up several Cinnamon brooms through out the winter. Her are some you can get at Trader Joes:




At last it’s time! Walking Dead Season 5 starts tonight!


Picture From

I’m so excited for this season! It looks to be intense! I picked up some really cool Walking Dead Pop figures this week:



Reading Life

I’ve gotten very little reading done this week :( I’ve just been a bit off but I managed to catch up on all my Comic Books,  some magazines, and a few pages of this review book which I’m loving:



I’ve also got a stack of awesome reads from the library for next Saturdays  readathon:


dreamstime_readathong  wonderfully-wicked-readathon-2014




Review Books Received


544381  10010476



9943270  23009286


My total Read books for 2014 to date is: 307!

How was your Sunday?? Share!

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