Friday, November 7, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better









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Food, Comfort, and Memory all tie together for me. All the favorites on this list  have strong sensory memories to family and childhood for me:



Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup


This was often my weekend lunch growing up, especially in the winter time. My mother made the best grilled cheese! She used an Iron skillet, extra hot with butter coating the pan, white bread ( this was the 70’s it was alll about the wonder white Bread) , and cheddar cheese. I don’t think I ever ate one of these with out the other growing up. And still eat the pair together to this day. I’ve updated it a bit though by adding Bacon,wheat or sourdough bread, and   various cheeses.


Tea, Cocoa, Chai



Every time I drink a cup of tea I think my mother’s spirit must chuckle or give that nod Mothers' have. You know the one. The one that they use instead of telling you they were right. My mother loved tea, and yet could never get me to drink it. Tea meant sitting still, wearing a dress, or slowing down. I wasn't that type of girl. Instead I would badger my Mother to give me coffee to share with my Dad on Friday and Saturday nights. She would water it down with tons of milk and sugar but that was my weekend ritual.


That all changed when I moved to California and meet a wonderful friend from New Orleans who was convinced there was a tea I liked and kept trying till she found one. I've been a tea addict every since. I love Starbucks Chai Tea Latte( Extra Hot, With Soy, No water. Yes I’ve become THAT person).

My tea cabinet is a form of medicine. Do I need to relax ?, feel energized ?, soothe a bruised heart? It’s all there ready to be brewed.






I know , I know. Movie Popcorn is the worst thing on the planet!. Yet movies have always meant a lot to me. My earliest memory that I can recall is the Dragon from Sleeping beauty. My family was and is a movie family, despite the fact that my father probably never saw a complete movie in his life( He always falls asleep after the opening credits). So a movie isn’t complete to me with out popcorn. There also in nothing finer than fresh popped movie popcorn. Just have them hold the butter and go easy on the salt!

Macaroni & Cheese


Does any more need to be said?? A few tips. Avoid the Kraft! I know its great but it’s full of junk. Try Annie's Naturals. Also add the Mac & Cheese to a baking dish  with chopped tomatoes and broccoli for a nutrition boost.


Rosemary Bread


Rosemary is a powerful healing herb. It has natural antibacterial properties and it smells so good! My favorite brand of Rosemary bread is from La Brea Bakery.


So there you have it! My favorite comfort foods. I’m looking forward to reading everyone else's.

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