Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Month of Giving Thanks : Day 1: Tor Books




This is very late due to my adventure at Comikaze today in Los Angeles! I will add some personal gratitude posts later in the month but for the first part of this event I wanted to focus on blogging related themes. 
My blog has built up at a slower pace than most blogs. I had to work through a lot of blog envy and questioning of why did that blogger get that opportunity and I didn’t. However my commitment to blogging and my love of books kept me going.
The wonderful thing about blogging though is if you are consistent and genuine there are many pathways that open for you.
If I was to name one publishing company that captured the essence of my reading passions it would definitely be Tor. From Graphic novels to Science Fiction, Steampunk to Horror, their books always thrill me.
I am so grateful to be on their review list and those white envelopes with the Tor logo always make my day!

Special thanks to Desirae, & Adynah who always follow up with me about books that were sent out and do their best to get me books I’m excited about!

Here are some of the the amazing books I’ve gotten over the past few months from Tor:

544381 21418013


17910066  17910048

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