Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Month of Giving Thanks Day 2 : Michelle of The True Book Addict



Happy November! Today I want to give thanks to a blogger I often think of as “mirror me”. As bloggers we all have that moment when we meet someone that  loves the same things as us, so much so that we we are grateful that blogging exists so we could “meet” them
Michelle is a blogger who always introduces me to new things. I read a lot more Historical Fiction because of her presence and I also have a lot more lovely buttons, like my Sunday Share and many other buttons. Like me Michelle loves readathons, she created the site Seasons of Reading that hosts several readathons a year, Christmas , and Horror. I also love that she is open to new authors and read-a-longs.

So give her a visit Here today and tell her I sent you!

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Michelle Miller said...

Awww, Kai! How very sweet. This just made my month. :) Thank you! I feel the same about you.

I just saw that you're doing NaNoWriMo. I'm hosting a support group of sorts on my writing blog this month so feel free to stop by and share in the comments. I'm doing daily posts.