Thursday, December 4, 2014

12 Days Animals of The Solstice: Who’s That Knocking On Christmas Eveby Jan Brett

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Since I discovered Jan Brett’s books a few years ago, they have become a part of my Christmas reading list. This story centers around young  Kyri and her father’s attempt to protect their Christmas feast from invading trolls. Every year the trolls are drawn by the wonderful smells of the family’s food and manage to break in and eat it all
This year however Kyri’s Father  is determined to stop the trolls, leaving Kyri to defend the house. When a knock comes to the door on Christmas Eve Kyri discovers a young man and his polar bear seeking shelter from a storm. Thankful for the help the boy and his bear protect the feast from the trolls.

This book is gorgeously illustrated! I love looking at all the little intricate touches Brett adds to the edges of her art. A wonderful gift for children and perfect for Christmas Story Time.

Overall Rating:
5 Candy Canes!

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