Sunday, December 7, 2014

12 Days: Christmas Giveaway & Scavenger Hunt



To celebrate the season, myself and six other bloggers have put together a Christmas giveaway. But as part of the treat, we'll each be sharing A Christmas Story. Enjoy the stories and then fill in the Rafflecopter with what we each want for Christmas. Happy Holidays!
Hello! Today I’m taking part in a special Scavenger Hunt  where you can win tons of great prizes. The theme of this event is Christmas Stories. So read my story below and be sure to pay attention because part of my story contains the clue you need to enter in the Rafflecopter.
Almost Catching Santa
Everyone has a holiday memory about that one toy. The one toy that you had to have. The toy that inspires you to take on extra chores, be nice to your sister and even eat vegetables! For me that toy was the McDonalds Train Set:
In December 1976 this set dominated my thoughts. It was the first thing I mentioned on Santa’s lap and the last thing I thought about before going to bed. One night I was shopping with my very frazzled mother. She had picked me up from school and we had been on nonstop errands that, ended at the grocery store. After an hour fighting crowds, I was pushing the spoils of our battle in a cart, headed for the trunk of my mothers car. I stood quietly while my Mother dug out her keys.
The trunk opened, and a small light illuminated the toy of my dreams, nestled in the center of the trunk . I squealed, my mother shrieked,  and quickly slammed the trunk back down. A passerby came over to see if we were Ok. My mother whispered to the lady and then they both proceeded to giggle together as they looked at my shocked face.
We loaded the groceries in the back seat and then proceeded home. My heart was giddy. My dream toy was in the trunk! Then my mother told me a story that temporarily deflated my joy.
She told me that train set was for another child. That she was holding it for a friend and that my set would be coming from Santa. I got quiet for a bit and then turned to mother and said “OK”. My mother could hear the disappointment in my voice, but as children quickly do I was already onto another subject.
A few days later Christmas had finally arrived and one of the biggest boxes under the tree had my name under it. As I ripped the paper I was delighted to see my train set.
It was several years later when my belief in Santa was balanced by the reality of my Parents being the most hardworking of elves. But I always have fond memories of that Christmas. I still make my yearly lists (see the post below), and I still have the same excitement when I rip off the wrapping to find the treasures underneath. This year All Want for Christmas this year is the new Samsung Nook!
I hope you enjoyed my story and  take the time to visit the other bloggers on the Treasure Hunt:
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Nikita Johri said...

Oh..such a cute story...Christmas is such a beautiful season and we have so many happy memories of this time..Hope you have many more..Hugs :)

-Nikita @Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff

Berls said...

Oh how cute! I can see your mom now, trying to disguise that she'd gotten the train set for you. Franky always tries to guess what he's getting and he's too good at it, wee have to work hard to trick him with the boxes.

Happy Holidays Kai!

Laura Greenwood said...

That's such a cute story! We've been using lists for Santa to get my brother the right thing from Father Christmas (this year he asked for Mousetrap the game!) and it seems to be working! We also got an Elf on the Shelf to keep up that he's being watched!

Lola R said...

Such a fun story! We always celebrated "Sinterklaas" more then christmas. I remember one year one of my friends at school todl em Sinterklaas wasn't real and her parents actually bought her present. I still believed and told her that maybe she got her presents from her parents, but I got them from Sinterklaas. I still think it's interesting how much I believed in it because my mom said it was true.

Kathy Arguelles said...

That's a great story and it brings back memories for me. We were at a neighbor's Christmas Eve party and I had noticed by parents were gone. They eventually came back to the party but when we got home Santa had visited. I remember thinking he's supposed to visit when we were sleeping and I started to put the clues together. But I never said anything to anyone and just continued to believe in the magic of Santa Claus. Thank you for sharing this!!!