Monday, December 1, 2014

12 Days: The Holiday Tree


Trees are such an integral; part of Christmas celebrations. The very first recorded document of a Tree in a home during the holidays was in 1605. They were met with disdain by some theologian’s but by the 1700’s trees were firmly rooted into holiday traditions.

Family Traditions
My family traditionally puts up their tree the day after Thanksgiving. I have so many wonderful memories of riding with my parents to pick up our trees. In recent years I’ve switched to artificial trees, but I always have a few fresh sprigs i the house for that wonderful Yule smell.

Pets & Trees
My Cat has been obsessed with Christmas trees since he was a kitten. He nestles under them, and has even knocked one over. Over the years I’ve learned a few tips and tricks for making it a smoother holiday:

Consider an artificial tree. If you do get a live tree be sure to get a pet proof base form Petco.

Cover all wires, pets tend to nibble on cords.

Keep the breakable ornaments in the higher limbs of the tree. I deliberately leave plastic ornaments on the lowest limb of the tree so he can bat at them and thus ignore the glass ones.

My Favorite Trees
What’s better than putting up your own tree? Looking at other gorgeous trees!
The Rockefeller Center tree is one of the most beautiful trees in the world. I’ve seen it in person once and its soo beautiful. I highly suggest watching the lighting of the tree special  that airs on TV every year.



A Charlie Brown Christmas
One of my favorite holiday shows. That scene with the sad little tree still touches me every year.
I also love Snoopy & Woodstock’s little tree.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Watching the Grinch stuff a tree in his sack is still hilarious!
I also love the scene where the Who’s sing around the tree despite having no gifts or trees or trimmings!

Book Trees
This is a trend I discovered a few years ago And every since then I’ve mad my own book tree every year


Page To Tree
Folders around the world have been taking pages from books and folding them into trees. Here are a few examples:

Gift Guide
Here are two great books perfect for reading or gifting :

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Yankee Candle
Fill your home with the scents of the season with Yankee Candles I love their Mistletoe, Sugar Cookie and Christmas Tree scents.
Do you have any Tree traditions? share in the comments

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