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12 Days With Jane: Day 12: A Killer Revealed & Final thoughts



Day 12
A Killer Revealed/Final thoughts
This whole book has unfolded at a  wonderfully leisurely pace. What I enjoy most about Stephanie's version of Jane, is her multitasking ability. Jane keeps her decorum and stays within her spinster role while still managing to gather clues about the whereabouts of various suspects. The tension in the final chapters builds as the reveal of the murderer. Like most mysteries I read I had no clue who the murderer was and so I enjoyed watching the trail of breadcrumbs that Jane followed to the conclusion.
This book was such a holiday treat! It was a definite stand alone read but I’m already planning to read the rest of the books in the series.I hope you check this amazing read out!

Day Six
A Body For Boxing Day
Jane and her party have spent a comfortable few days enjoying Yule festivities . Now boxing Day arrives, usually a free days for servants except a horrible storm has hit the Vyne and a rider less  horse leads the party to a dead body. These scenes really showed how rustic life could really interfere with a police investigation. An artist in residence at the Vyne decides to make drawings at the scene of the accident before snow can cover all traces. This vital info and a trip by Jane to the site of the body provides Jane the clues to realize this is a murder, not an accident.  

Day Three
Games Afoot!
One of the many festivities of a big house party during Jane’s time was games. The most popular one was Charades however the Regency version of Charades is quite different then what we play today. Instead of pantomiming words or phrases, players actually read poems that the players must solve to win, similar to  scenes in Emma. I’m loving how the story is unfolding so far!

Day Two
The Vyne
The Holiday revelries have begun! Jane and her family have now reached The Vyne! Here are some lovely photos of The Vyne today:861_993_7199 RESIZED_thumb_460x0
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It’s so wonderful to have these pictures to look at while I’m reading the book. To learn more about The Vyne visit Here

12 Days
I love the concept of celebrating the Christmas season for 12 days. Imagine how less stressful the holiday's would be if we took twelve days to visit with family and friends.
Today I begin my journey with this  incredible book by Soho Press. I’ve been so excited to jump into this novel, so for the next 12 Days I will be sharing my thoughts about the book and sharing some tips on how to bring a little bit of the Regency spirit into your holiday celebrations, and some info about the real life characters and locations in the novel!

Day One
Origin Of The Series
Series Info

The Jane series by Stephanie Barron has been around for some time now, here are the covers to the first two books  in the series:
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Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas is the 12th book in the series. Don’t be intimidated about stepping into the 12th book in the series, this novel is very new reader friendly. Fans of Austen will recognize the family members in the cast of characters featured in the early pages of the novel, but it isn't a requirement to enjoy the novel.

To Learn more about Stephanie visit her blog Here. Be sure to read her post Detective Jane Austen where she talks about the joys of reading Austen in Winter and the genesis of the Jane Austen Mystery series.

Join me tomorrow when we discuss Yule Traditions and The Vyne,an important location in the novel.

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