Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Book Blogger Organization Challenge: Final Update


Here are a sample of the challenges they are hosting:
  • JANUARY: I completed all of the below: I joined several challenges, reached out to an author for an interview and made a blogging buddy!
  • Reading challenges & resolutions
    • Picking challenges, making resolutions, scheduling, forming plans, picking reading/blogging buddies,
  • FEBRUARY: I completed all of those below:
Blog maintenance
  • Updating old reviews, pages, layouts, features/memes, contact info
  • Clean up images, broken links
  • SEOs
  • MARCH: I did everything except the stats listing! I will work on that this month.Social Media + Review Outlets
    • Update social media accounts: bios, who you follow, delete old accounts you won’t use, resolve to use some accounts more
    • Organize Goodreads shelves: duplicate copies, version of books, creating shelves, removing shelves
    • Cross-posting
    • Sending reviews to publishers, sending review requests, Netgalley, Edelweiss
    • Finding all your stats, keeping stats updated
  • APRIL: Graphics, HTML, CSS, Plug-ins : DONE
    • Update graphics for posts/memes/events, update button, update header
    • Learn Photoshop/Gimp/PicMonkey
    • Brush up or try to learn simple HTML and CSS (for layouts, fonts, etc). Take this month to delve into the scary world of coding! (Or at least teach yourself one new thing!)
  • MAY: Book clean-up + spring cleaning! Done 
    • Culling shelves, giveaways, donations, giving back borrowed books
    • Reading books you were given as gifts, ARC catch up
    • Rearranging shelves, updating Goodreads again, giving back borrowed books
    • More cross-posting & cleaning up GR shelves
  • JUNE: Freebie
Recapping what you’ve organized, focus on biggest area of need, review TBR list 

In June I did a  big summer clean up! All my books are now tabulated and im on track to finishing all my physical books before the end of the year.

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