Sunday, January 4, 2015

On The Eve Of Bout Of Books: Tips for a Fun Readathon

Bout Of Books starts tomorrow! There is still time to sign up so click the link to be taken to the startup page. I’m 12 for 12 with bout of books and this is my second time being a Bout of Books Expert:

Test Your Link
Take a moment to visit the sign up page and make sure your link is active. This is important because in order to qualify for the grand prize, you need to have a valid link. Also make sure the link goes directly  to your Bout of Books Post, not the main page of your blog. Also be sure to write down your  number in the linky , for example I’m number 169 on the signup link. This is helpful for mini-challenges, since many of the hosts ask for the number when entering the giveaways.

Be Gentle With Your Self. Seriously.
There is no Failure in Bout of books. The creators of the event stand by this . It’s pretty much the only True Rule of the event. In fact for the first time there is no Goals post linky for BOB 12, because goals can lead readers to labeling themselves failures.  Now you can have a personal goal number of books to finish , but don’t tie yourself to it. Any reading is a win!

#BoutofBooks Is your friend. If you have questions, comments or want to share your thoughts on your current read use #boutofbooks to share with the community. Tweeting to @boutofbooks bogs up the organizers feed ,and you may not get the answers you need in a timely manner. Do follow @boutofbooks for updates and Twitter chat questions. Also bookmark the BOB Experts twitter feeds since they exist to help fellow readers.

Be Social
As a book lover it’s so much fun to talk to other readers. Visit other participants blogs, find new friends on twitter and take notes on potential books to add to our TBR pile. Social interaction is one of my favorite parts of BOB.

Hope These tips help! Happy Reading!


Bella said...

Great tips! I'm back blogging after a while off and I can't wait to start this readathon. It should be lots of fun.

Amber Elise said...

Yes to test your link! Last BoB I had to go the sign up post SO many times for challenges. It became a pain.

Good luck Kai!