Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review: FF Volumes 1& 2



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Volume One


So happy to be able to check out Digital GN's. With the Ant-Man movie coming, this is a fun intro to Scott Lang.Though there is no guarantee any of the events in this book will be movie canon this is still a stellar read!
The Fantastic Four need to leave Earth. The only problem is they have formed a Future Foundation for orphan and displaced children, both human and alien. So the call on friends Scott , Jen ( She-Hulk), Darla (she owns a Thing suit) & Medusa ( Queen of the Inhumans), to keep an eye on the kids.
Reed tells Scott it will he a day, two at the most. Then the FF disappears, Medusa starts acting weird and one of the kids is a spy for Doctor Doom!
Wonderful stories and stunning art by the Allred's . This volume has an ending that leads directly into volume 2.


Volume Two

This second volume of FF wraps up Fraction & Allred's run very nicely. From the sweet fun of a FF pool party, to a Final Showdown with doom all the elements created in the first volume are brought to conclusion . I especially Enjoyed the creative team breaking the "4th wall" and adding themselves into the story :) Nice sweet ending. These two volumes are a great way for new readers to explore Marvel comics.

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