Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Promise





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Have Gift cards, will buy a book with an intriguing cover. I really do love this cover. Add to that an intro by  Mark Gatiss, one of the creators of the Sherlock show on BBC America, and resistance was futile. This story is a “lost adventure” of Holmes and Watson. It is 1899 and Watson has talked Holmes into taking a break from London to the Devonshire coast.

Barely into their trip Holmes discovers a dead body on the beach that manages to completely disappear. From their things only get more mysterious and creepy. The narrative does a drastic split however when we jump weeks ahead where a foggy Watson has no idea how he made it back to London or what happened at the cottage.

This book started out really strong for me, but I was a bit disappointed by the ending. Up until the   supernatural elements were introduced, Davies did a great job of capturing the feel of Holmes world, especially  the “Bromance” between Watson & Holmes. However I was looking for some of the esoteric and supernatural  elements in the story to be clarified with Holmes usual aplomb, instead of the ending being muddied with confusion and questions.

I am however interested in reading other books in this series since Davies captures the feel of Holmes world extremely well.

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