Friday, February 27, 2015

Fangirl Journeys: Long Beach Comic Expo 2015: Schedule Spotlight & Attendee Tips






Tomorrow is going to be amazing. I’m going to my very first Long Beach Comic Expo. I did however attend last years Long Beach Comic Con so I’m pretty familiar with the area and the pace of the convention.


Last year I only attended the convention for one day but this year I got a special deal on Groupon so I got a two day ticket for less than a one day pass. This is definitely the year to go both days. There is a stellar line up at this years convention. Here are some of the things I’m excited for this weekend:






This traveling film festival is coming to Long Beach! I’m planning on seeing The Post Human Project Sunday, and maybe some other films if possible.


Artist Alley

box_3 artist


So many wonderful creators ate at the con this year! I’m most excited to see :

Chris Claremont

Ethan Van Sciver

Katie Cook

And many more. I was also pleased to see a lot of diverse creators on the exhibitor list so I will be checking their work out .


There are some really great panels at LBCF this year. I will be attending  some creator spotlight panels, A panel featuring the cast of the animated series Gargoyles, and the presentation for the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity.



If you purchased your ticket ahead of time be sure to take advantage of the early admittance. I got a lot done in that hour before the show opened. Do be prepared that some booths may not be fully set up yet and some creators may not be at their tables.

The Usual Suspects: Eat a good breakfast, bring snacks and water. The indoor eating options weren't so good inside the area last year but this time they are using a better space. There are many great places to eat near the convention center and there was even a hot dog vendor hanging out near the parking garage.



Be prepared to pay for autographs. It isn't really in some cases if the signings are free or not so be prepared either way. I paid from 5 –25 dollars for the autographs I got that day. But I also got tons of things signed at no additional cost.


That's it ! Now I’m off to pull from my collection for signings and get a good nights sleep! Look for my updates and photos @yogikai on twitter.

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