Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: Murder Strikes A Pose by Tracy Weber






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When I saw this book in the  Midnight Books catalog I requested it right away! I was really intrigued to see how the author would combine yoga culture with a murder mystery and I wasn’t disappointed. Kate Davidson is the owner and operator of Serenity Yoga, in the the up and coming Greenwood neighborhood. Kate’s life has been quite orderly for some time. She teaches, manages her studio and then curls up at home, except for the occasional coffee dates with her friend Rene. 

Kate’s peaceful and predictable life is shattered by the arrival of George and his dog Bella. George has picked the outside of Kate’s studio to sell his newspapers. The only problem is Bella isn’t much of a people person and gets very vicious around other dogs.

Kate is able to channel her frustration into positive yogi compassion and find a solution to the problem. Kate crates Bella in the back alley of her studio while George sells his papers. It’s not a perfect solution but it brings peace to the studio and to Kate.

A few weeks pass and Kate is horrified to find George dead in the parking area behind her studio. The police want to write the whole thing off as a “bum fight” but Kate’s instincts are telling her something is off.

Against the police and her friends advice Kate peruses leads while also trying to find a home for Bella. Her tenacity might cost her a promising new romance and quite possibly her life.

This was quite the page turner. I really enjoyed Kate’s growth through out the novel. She is not a perfect person but as a yogi she has a level of self awareness that allows her to adapt to the dangers she stumbles into.

I don’t usually figure out mysteries but I did with this one close to the end, but it didn't diminish my  enjoyment of the book.

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Egadds what a cute cover. love when I go through my cozy mystery phases