Saturday, February 28, 2015

Review: Trees Volume 1





GN2015 (640x270) (2)




This is a stunning book both visually and emotionally. The Planet Earth has been invaded. Organic matter drops from the sky forming "trees" . These towering metallic yet organic structures cover the planet and then promptly ignore human kind.
Humans, versatile creatures as always quickly adapt to the new features. Except for random releases of waste ( or what they guess is waste) the trees don't seem to be doing anything.

In this first volume Howard & Ellis show us the political & ecological side effects of the trees presence through four sets of protagonists : A scientific team that has discovered the growth of strange black flowers near the tree, A young artist who has come to the city to draw the trees, A woman being groomed to take over a fascist underground group, and a news crew watching a war play out by a country that has found away to attach guns to a modest size tree .
A wonderful first volume with a wonderfully diverse set of characters. I liked how the scientific elements were weaver into the story and character building. Not everyone survives as the world shifts once again for the human race. Science Fiction fans will enjoy the themes in this story.

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