Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Pleasure of A physical Book

This month was a milestone in my electronic reading  life. I completed the Clean Out Your E- Reader challenge , reviewing over 45 Free and nearly free E-Books. My Netgalley Dashboard is empty and I only have four books on my Kindle app all holiday themed, so I'll be reading them in November.  
Now it is time to return to my physical TBR pile, and I feel a deep satisfaction to hold a book in my hands once again. My hands almost hum while touching the cover. An old well loved sensation returning once again.
There is a physical intimacy with a physical book that can't be matched. The physical weight of a book in your purse is a siren song of sorts. Grasping for your phone , your fingers brush your latest read and you automatically think of where you left off in the book. Were you mid chapter, near the end? Then there is the the choice of bookmarks. Are you a page folder? A fan of magnetic or metal bookmarks. 

For my current read I found myself drawn to this book mark from my collection:

The arrow really reflects my current state of mind. I feel some choices need to be made but I don't know which direction to take first. It also fits my current read The Remains of The Day which is about a butler taking a road trip.
In a fast paced world a physical book draws the attention of those around you. Necks will turn subtly, and not so subtly to see the cover. The fellow reader will acknowledge the joys or pitfalls of your current read with an enthusiastic nod or mumbled " I love that book" , or a light  shoulder tap will pull you from your page so you can be asked the age old question "Is that any good?"
And lets not forget that physical books are the ultimate conversation starters. On trains & Planes, Bus Stops and break rooms a physical book can be a bridge that makes a stranger a friend or more.So I feel like I've come home to the world of physical books with a new respect and admiration for them. Happy Reading!

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