Thursday, February 12, 2015

Unlimited Romance: Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane by McKeever & Strain








Peter Parker & Mary Jane are definitely in the top 10 of Couples I ship( Aka I want them together so stop breaking my heart Marvel!). I was overjoyed to find this series from 2005 on the Marvel Unlimited. I was on a break from comics at this time so everything in the series is new to me including the creators : Writer Sean McKeever and art team of Miyazawa & Strain.

This series would really appeal to the manga lover. It has the look of a shojo romance but the straight forward dialogue and story arc of tradational comic. Christina Strain’s colors are uplifting and sweet. I love what the art team has done with Peter Parker. He is uber modern and sexy with a cool hair cut and sexy glasses.  There is the natural awkwardness and nervousness that is a part of Peter’s natural personality but he is definitely handsome enough to make the reader wonder how MJ keeps him in the friend zone. In this first issue we find MJ chatting with her best friend about the state of her love life and her conviction that Spider man is the one for her.

I’m really enjoying these issues there are twenty in total so not a huge expense if you were motivated to pick up the individual issues at a local convention or there are some manga style  versions on Amazon. Hope you give them a try!

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