Saturday, March 7, 2015

Countdown To Free Comic Book Day : Plan Your Adventure & Win







Yes we are barely into March but Free Comic Book Day will be here quicker than you think! The first Saturday in May is a kind of mini Christmas for comic book fans. I take the day off and have a fun day of road tripping to stores for signings, shopping discounts and of course free comics. As a Book Blogger I love encouraging readers to try new genres. I also like to spotlight this event because it’s fun for families, fosters reading for little ones, and helps support brick and mortar comic book stores.

The first step to enjoy FBCD is to plan where you are going. Click Here to visit the FCBD site. Once your there look for the banner on the left of the page marked Find A Participating Store. Enter your zip code and a list of participating shops will appear. Visit one store or visit many!  Just a reminder. The comics are FREE at participating stores. Individual stores may limit the number of comics you can take but they won’t charge you for them. For example: My comic shop Earth 2 Comics allows each customer to take 5 books. If you want to take more than 5 books they ask for a charitable donation.

FCBD is also having a Enter The March To free Comic Book Day Giveaway. Click on the link HERE to Sign up for the free reminder emails about the event and you have a chance to win over $225.00 in prizes


2015 Book Spotlight : Gronk


Each shop on FCBD will have a variety of comics. Some stores will provide books from several tiers . Gronk is a Silver Level Book. Gronk is a perfect choice for someone new to comic books or someone looking to find a comic to share with their family. Gronk is a sweet monster who begins living with Dale, a young woman who lives in an isolated cabin in the woods.

Gronk quickly takes to Dale and learns about the human world with pop culture references, and Amazon one click shopping. A great series! I highly suggest this be a part of your FCBD stack.


57 More Days to go! I’ll be updating you on more FCBD info in the coming weeks. Happy Reading!

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