Friday, March 27, 2015

Take Control of your TBR Pile Review: Nightwing Volume 1








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A blast from the past! I really love the older stories of the DC comics universe. Nightwing is a character steeped in the history of Batman. Nightwing began his career as Robin aka Dick Grayson. Dick is looking to do more with his life. He has morphed into his own version of a Hero and is staking out his own territory in the crime ridden city of Bludhaven which is about twenty miles outside of Gotham.


This volume is quite a flashback. There is a very 90’s feel to the book, from Dick’s long hair & skintight outfit to the intense action scenes. It was nice to step back in time and enjoy some classic 90’s stories. Grayson has such a strong emotional element to him. He is the heart of the Bat family. Seeing how he is able to not lose the essence of who he is in difficult times makes his stories resonate stronger with readers. A great intro to Nightwing for new readers.

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