Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Tea Diaries: A Book Lovers Guide to Tea: 1 Mighty Leaf and Book Pairings




I have spent years of my life as a reader without tea, and many more as a reader with tea. I prefer the later.


I got this really beautifully journal for Christmas and it inspired me to keep a Tea Diary:



Recently Birchbox sent me free samples of Mighty Leaf tea. I really love the design of the tea bags.It’s also really cool to see the blend of tea leaves. Two of my favorite from the samples were Ginger Twist and Orange Dulce. From the moment I opened the pouch the scent of Orange surrounded me. Its a wonderful experience. Visit HERE to learn more about The company.





Teavana Rock Sugar


Starbucks merging with Teavana is a wonderful thing. Gold Card members can use their rewards to get one ounce of tea. I’m really enjoying their Yellow tea, and I also started using Teavana’s  rock sugar. These are unrefined sugar crystals that sweeten tea without changing the taste. The crystals melt very well in hot water, but require stirring to make sure the entire drink is sweetened. I suggest trying a small amount first to make sure you like it. I initially brought five dollars worth and it lasted me over a month. If you like it the best value is to buy this glass jar for $26.95





Book Pairings


This is one of my favorite reading challenges of 2015:

reading england 1


I’ve picked some classic English novels to read this year like : Jane Eyre, Emma, Persuasion, The Secret Garden and many more. Right now I’m reading this book:



This novel is about a butler taking a road trip through England’s West Country in 1956. I’m really enjoying this read. It isn’t a large book but it is a book that requires attention, not one to be rushed through.

Here are the teas I’ve been consuming along with the book:


Teavana Earl Grey Tea. A very nice pairing to a book exploring English culture.


Twining’s Lady Grey Tea


This is a lovely black tea with some floral notes. Very yummy tasting and smelling!


Hope you enjoy this post. Are you a Tea Lover ? Share what your drinking in the comments!

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