Thursday, May 21, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Five Binge Worthy Shows





This is hosted by The Nerdy Girlie &Super Space Chick 


As I write this post I’ve just finished watching Ultimate Spiderman Season 2 and am starting Chowder Season 3 so binge watching has become a part of my life. Here are my Top 5 Binge worthy shows:



Classic Who


Vintage Doctor Who is wonderful, cheesy, inventive, cheesy and wonderful!!! I’ve really been enjoying watching the evolution of the show.


The Clone Wars


This is one of my favorite series. Now with all six seasons on Netflix its easy to drop in for a Clone Wars fix whenever I like.

Batman: The Animated Series


My first and best binge watching experience. These episodes never get old. A must watch for Batman fans. I also highly suggest listening to The Arkham Sessions, an excellent podcast that breaks down the various psychological elements relating to Batman’s mission and his rogues gallery.


Attack On Titan


I’m so obsessed with this show! I’ve seen the Japanese version and the English dubbed version. I’m filling my wait for season two with binge reading the manga.

Ultimate Spiderman


I just finished this series and I really enjoyed it. Not only do you get some wonderful Spider-Man adventures, you also get Agent Coulson from SHIELD and some other great heroes. Really going to miss the supporting characters from this show but I will move on to Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors.



Happy Friday! I hope you get some good binges in this weekend!

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Bianca POFL said...

Doctor Who is saved on my Netflix list but I just haven't brought myself to watch it yet. Eventually!