Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Tale Of Two YA Books: The Winners Curse & A Little Something Different


One of the most profound changes in my reading life came shortly after I became a book blogger. I discovered the world of YA books! As a teen I was into Fantasy and Science Fiction so I didn't read that much in my teen years. So I’ve read a great deal of YA books in the past 5 years. Recently however the two books below made me make some changes to my reading:


The YA Book That Made Me Realize I Need A Break From YA

I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about The Winners Curse just look at that gorgeous cover! I had an amazing coupon from a Book Outlet company and I got this book and 5 others for under 13 dollars. So I was super excited to read it. I started it two days ago and after about fifty pages I found my mind wandering. I also realized it was no reflection AT ALL on the book itself. I’m in the midst of a YA burnout. There are uniform themes about romance and coming of age that are reflected in many YA books so it can be easy to find them predictable. So since I couldn't appreciate this book as much as it deserved I’m officially taking a YA break. 



The YA Book That Made Realize The Joys Of Contemporary Romance


When it comes to romance I’m all about Historical & Supernatural reads. This book however reminded me how wonderful contemporary romance can be. This is a love story about two college students who are perfect for each other but just can’t seem to connect. The story is told through the eyes of various people  theCreative Writing Teacher Lea and Gabe share, The Barista’s at Starbucks who ship them oh so hard! , The delivery man who tells them to just order together since they both order the same exact meal at different times, A squirrel (really!), A Bench and more. This book reminded me of how wonderful contemporary romance can be. I’m inspired to read more from Swoon Reads and also read a lot more contemporary romance.


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