Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Armchair BEA Day 2:Visual Expressions & Social Media

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Visual Expressions
Though I read a lot of comic books and graphic novels, lately I’ve been reading a lot of Children’s books. Mostly for research for a project I’m working on, but also because they are a great palate cleanser between other genres.


This is a gorgeous little read that I discovered on Scribd. This is a wordless book but each picture speaks volumes. Flora wants to be a flamingo. She prepares her self and goes and stands behind one. What unfolds next is a gorgeous and fun ballet as she finds that imitation isn't as easy as it looks. I loved this book so much. A must read! Or should I say a must view?
Nana In The City
Nana isn't a wordless book but the art in it captures your full attention. The story revolves around a young boy who is nervous visiting his grandmother in New York. The artist really  captures the beauty of the change of seasons on the East Coast, and the pleasures of city life. A very sweet message and a great all ages read.

Social Media
Twitter is my main source of connecting with my blog. I have a Facebook page but I’m very bad at updating! You can find my Twitter account  Here. I’m also on Blogger. The Blogger I-phone app is a lifesaver since I don’t have a laptop. I send my posts in draft format to my blog from windows Live Writer and can publish them from my phone any time.

Facebook Groups
Though I have good intentions in regards to socializing with other bloggers life often get in the way. However Facebook groups have resulted in me having some great interactions with fellow bloggers. Here are a few I belong to:

Fit Readers

The fit readers is an offshoot of Book Blog Walkers. Because of this group I discovered the Lose It app which resulted in me know being 20 pounds lighter! The group is really helpful with recipes, health articles and moral support for those tough days. I’m really greatful to know them.

Coyer Community

I discovered the Coyer group over a year ago through the Clean Out Your E-Reader Challenge. I have really gotten my E-reader under control because of this group. I went from having over 120 E-books to my current total of 22! I’m really excited for the summer event coming June 20th! Sign ups are now open!

I also belong to the Book Bloggers Do It Better group where we share posts and have wonderful discussions. Happy Armchair BEA Day 2!


Angelica Joy said...

I have just become a Mother and being a bookworm I really hope my son will be too, so I've been looking at books for his age group (currently newborn LOL), so I really like seeing posts like yours where picture and baby books are recommended.

I am definitely going to join the Coyer group as it sounds fantastic. I am amazed you went from over 100 to 22! Well done!

I will also look into the Book Bloggers Do it better, is that also a Facebook group?

I love Twitter but I find that because it is updated so often that it's hard to keep track of all the updates of the people I am following, how do you ensure you don't miss out on anything on Twitter?

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I love picture books. Wish they were more respected by grownups!

Here's mine!

Laurie C said...

I miss reading picture books! I worked in an early elementary school library for five years after my own kids were too old for them, but it's been almost ten years since then. I see so many beautiful ones coming through and in my own library, but I never take the time to read them. I can see I'm missing out!

Kelsey said...

I never thought of kids books for today's post! That's great and there's so many out there.
I'm part of that FitReaders group too, yay! I should probably weigh myself soon...
And I finally figured out what COYER meant thanks to your post! It's been driving me crazy for a while now lol.

Wesley Hoffmann said...

That flamingo book looks so pretty!

Tina The Bookworm said...

I'm a mother so seeing these awesome children's book I'll have to check out for my little ones.

I use mostly twitter and I've joined a couple Facebook groups.

I definitely need to clean up my kindle so I'll probably look into e-reader challenge.

Tina, The Bookworm

Juli Rahel said...

I love childrens' books although I haven't read any in ages! They're such a difficult medium to get right but when they do it's beautiful! Twitter is also definitely the social media I use most to connect, I'm already following you there as well! I hope I see you at the Twitter chat tonight! Thanks for sharing :) Can't wait to read the rest of your BEA posts!
My BEA post
Juli @ Universe in Words