Thursday, May 28, 2015

Armchair BEA Day 3 : Character Chatter & Blogging 101

Happy Day 3 of Armchair BEA! Hope you all are having a great time. Onto today's topics:
Character Chatter

Once I joined the blogging community I got really swept up into the Young Adult Genre. I read mostly Fantasy and Science Fiction growing up so I dived right into books like The Hunger Games, Cinder, Divergent, Matched and more. It was quickly apparent that female characters and writers dominated the YA scene. It was wonderful to read an abundance of female characters in various types of stories, but I found myself really being drawn to YA books with male narrators.

So here are some books with amazing male narrators:
Ready Player One & Leviathan

Wade from RPO and Prince Aleksander from Leviathan are both young men with missions that they have foisted upon themselves. Both of these boys also have remarkable women in their lives who give them unconditional friendship and support. It is also wonderful seeing romance and all the uncertainty  that comes with it through the mail perspective.

Vladimir Tod & Steelheart

Both Vlad & David have wonderful narrative voices. They are both smart and often sarcastic. They also both have suffered the loss of family members, which shapes their character and leaves them with heavy hearts. What I love about both of these characters is their wry sense of humor and the hope that burns inside them.

Blogging 101
Despite 5 years of blogging I always learn something new every day. I've been fortunate to have some good blogging mentors, and have developed my own personal code of blogging through trial and error.

Visual Tips
It’s really worth it to get a professional blog header or template for your blog. Either study how to make the changes yourself or pay someone to do it for you.
Don’t have excessive buttons or pop ups on your blog. I get really turned off when I’m trying to read a bloggers post and subscribe buttons or other widgets pop up.
Brand Across Platforms
When I started a profile on twitter I had no idea that I would be a book blogger so I picked the name @yogikai. Now I wish my twitter profile was that of my blog, but I won’t change it since many other Bloggers and Authors know me by that handle. So I really suggest you use your blog name on a Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook & Email account.
Keep Your Review Books In Check
Last Summer I had over 200 unread physical books. They were a combination of Arc’s I picked up form Comic-Con and the ALA Annual and purchases on my E-reader and in bookstores. I became really stressed out about the number of unread books so I put myself on a book buying ban and as of today I have zero book son my TBR Pile. So rein in the Netgalley binge downloads, and limit the amount of review offers you say yes to.
Also give yourself a break when it comes to unsolicited review books. If I find a lot of books coming in I make sure to do a spotlight post on them where I thank the publisher and I also tweet out pictures of the books. That way I don’t feel stressed if it takes me a while to read the books. I also suggest sending a copy of your review to the publicity contact as soon as possible.
Remember Why You Started Blogging

I’ve been very fortunate that my blog has stayed at a manageable level. It is impossible to not compare your blog to others, but its more important to remember why you blog. I blog so I have a forum to discuss my favorite books and socialize with other readers. So that is the main focus of my posts.

Say Thank You
If someone retweets your review or  comments on a blog post take the time to respond to them with a simple Thanks!
Hope you enjoyed these tips!

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