Friday, May 29, 2015

Armchair BEA Day 4: Book To Movie Adaptions

It's Day 4 already!! It all went too fast! Today's topic is Book To Movie Adaptions . I don't know if there has been any official research but it seems like there have been more Book to Movie adaptions in the last 15 years then ever before. Today I'm going to talk about three books. Though the have been adapted to Television mini-series vs movies I still feel they fit the topic:

Wolf Hall

I hated this book. I thought I would love it because it is Historical Fiction (one of my favorite genres), but I found it sooo boring! When the Masterpiece Theater episodes started popping up on my DVR I chose to give it five minutes,and became completely obsessed with the show. I 'm really looking forward to the next season  of the show. The adaption is perfectly cast and manages to make a cohesive whole of the many flashbacks and story threads from the novel.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
In the before time, more specifically 2004,  you would only learn about upcoming books from Sunday review sections and little pamphlets in book stores. It was in one of these pamphlets that I heard about Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. This is a gorgeous British fantasy set in an England where magic had once existed but is now mostly dormant until a young man comes on the scene and changes the nature of English magic forever. I seriously felt dread when I heard this book was going to be adapted into a mini-series. Just recently however, I saw a scene from the show and it looks spectacular! If you haven't read this book give it a try.

It was so hard to pick from my many book loves a book that not only would transfer well to television/movies. Soulless fits both these categories. With the right actress and director this could be an amazing series. I'm looking forward to every one else's posts. Happy Saturday!

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