Sunday, May 10, 2015

Comic Book Spotlight: March Grand Prix by Kean Soo



March1_cover March2_cover




This was one of my favorite Free Comic Book Day reads! The comics industry is really geared towards teen and adult readers, but the key to sustaining the future of the comic book industry is to engage children. March Grand Prix does this wonderfully. There is such a positive, fun feel to the art and characters Kean has created. Soo is also a master at catching the physical and emotional dynamics of young people.


This book stars March Hare a young Grand Prix driver who is competing in an important race. With his mechanic Hammond the two are on track to win the big race. But some drivers don’t play fair so March’s whole filmy has to pitch in to get him to the starting line. Animal books are so cute! They also contain a diverse cast that allows for male and female characters so readers of all ages can relate to the characters. These Capstone books will make it to my TBR pile when they release in August 2015.

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