Thursday, May 7, 2015

Journey To The Force Awakens! Star wars Books I Can’t wait To Own







I have been a Star wars fan for over 20 years, and this December I will be fangirling all over the new movie: Episode VII The Force Awakens! The merger of Lucasfilm with Disney has also led to a lot of changes in the publishing world when it comes to Star Wars novels. Every book  written prior to Last summers A New Dawn is consider part of the Legends line. this means that they are not considered canon in the new universe being created, This was a blow to a lot of fans of the Expanded Universe novels, myself included.

But as I’ve been reading about the upcoming novels my disappointment has turned to excitement! Here is a breakdown of the title we know about so far about the works being released  under the umbrella of Journey To The Force Awakens:



Does the destruction of Vader and the Emperor mean a galaxy has been won? What happens next for Luke, Leia, Han & Chewie? These are the answers Aftermath will explore.




Shattered Empire

This is a comic book exploring the same period of time as the Novel Aftermath by fan favorite writer Greg Rucka.


Star wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know

This is a colorful book full of trivia and information about the Entire Star Wars universe. The goal is to refresh fans old and new to the characters and situations of the previous six films.

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Lost Stars

YA author is writing this novel about star crossed lovers in a galaxy at war.



The Princess & The Smuggler

Princess Leia Organa & Han Solo get their own adventures in these books by Cecil Castellucci & Greg Rucka


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Digital Picture Book

An examination of the Jedi’s most important possession: His Lightsaber




This is just the first wave of book announcements, I’m looking forward to seeing what else is announced in the coming months.

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