Monday, May 25, 2015

Listening To Legends: Millennium Falcon by James Luceno


Thanks to Scribd I’ve been listening to a lot more audio books. So I’ve decided to listen to the numerous Star Wars books that are on Scribd. The majority of the books are designated as Legends reads because they are not part of the official canon that the Disney group is building with the newer Star Wars books being released today.

This novel is set two years after a major event that cost  Han & Leia their son and forced them to hide the existence of their granddaughter Alanna by adopting her. So the Solos’s are definitely looking for a distraction, so when Alanna finds a strange device in the Falcon they decide to track down the previous owners of the Falcon to discover what it is.
This was my first Star Wars audio book and I really loved it! The sound effects really add to the story and the narrator Marc Thompson did a great job with the various voices.
This is a great stand alone listen, though I’ll confess Leia and Alanna’s voices were a little off. i wish they would have hired a female voice for them. Overall though I really enjoyed this one. Looking forward to listening to more of James’s books.

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