Thursday, May 7, 2015

Puzzle Time! Add Word Puzzles To Your TBR Pile




I’ve always enjoyed puzzles . They are my go to book when I’m in a reading slump or when I just want to take a break from electronic devices. They also have a lot of benefits:

They help keep your mind active and fit

Word puzzles like crosswords improve your vocabulary and are great way to get in some spelling practice.

They help you with pattern recognition skills and also are great stress relievers.

Games magazine is a great book with a variety of puzzle options. I like their holiday special magazines and their summer fun ones as well.



Pocket Posh Puzzles

You can find these gorgeous books at various book stores and online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. I love these books because they are a perfect size for any purse and have a nice page saver. The covers are really fun on these and make them perfect for gift giving.

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Visit Andrews Mc Meel Here to see their puzzle and coloring books. Throw a few in your book bag for old school fun!

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