Saturday, June 6, 2015

Diversity Spotlight: Cleopatra In space by Mike Maihack


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I picked up the Free Comic Book Day Issue of Cleopatra In Space and I was blown away buy it! First off the fact that Scholastic is publishing a female lead series through their Graphix Line is stellar. I also liked the racial diversity that is evident in the series. Cleopatra has the skin tone you would expect of a young girl living in the desert. She’s BROWN! So is her friend Gozi, and the few other students shown in the issue I read.

After Cleopatra leads Gozi out of class for adventure the pair find a secret door and once inside Cleopatra touches a device that whisks her to another time.  Her Cleopatra finds out that she is a savior they community has been looking for. And their are tons of Talking Cats. This little sampler had me putting both of these books on my ever growing wishlist. I’m looking forward to getting both volumes. Happy Reading!

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