Sunday, June 21, 2015

Five Dollar Bin Treasures: Green Lantern, Watson & Holmes, Giantkiller

  For the sake of space, I've become a digital only comic book reader. But a sale at a comic book shop is not to be missed! So a few weeks ago I attacked the 5 dollar bin at my local shop and got these goodies:

Giant Killer
I'm a monster fan and I remember reading this series by Dan Brereton in the 90's. It was wonderful to own these books again. The illustrations are gorgeous and the monster on monster fight scenes are spectacular! I'm so glad this is part of my collection again.
Green Lantern

This is a reprint trade of many stories from the fifties and sixties. It was really fun to see some early stories from my favorite character. It was really funny seeing Hal stopped by lamps and other yellow items since that was the one flaw in the ring in the early days. I was a little uncomfortable with some of the treatment of the female characters in this book and the fact that an Eskimo sidekick character being constantly referred to as "pie face". But both of these were acceptable at the times. A really fun read.

Watson And Holmes

 Some how I missed out on this series though I am a kickstarter backer for the sequel. I love Holmes stories in all their various forms and this one is no exception. What I love fundamentally about this story is that it reflects the urban landscape of the characters with out resorting to stereotypes. I will have a full review later. Happy Reading!.

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