Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Yoga Week: Yoga Off The Mat

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The tree of Yoga has many limbs, You can dedicate your practice to restorative or power yoga, meditation, or even mudras ( hand positions that encourage health and grounding). Above are two books I return to for inspiration.

Yoga In Your Hands was my first introduction into the world of mudras. I had learned about putting my thumb and index finger together during yoga classes to cultivate centeredness, but this book showed me so much more. There are also some meditations to focus on while holding the positions. The effects may vary per individuals, but I felt really connected to the energies this simple positions gave.

Yoga Gems is another book that I open randomly at the end of my yoga practice. The book contains various words of wisdom from Yoga Masters, philosophers, and poets from around the world. I always learn something new when I look within these pages.

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