Thursday, July 16, 2015

Review: Where by Kit Reed


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tor in exchange for a review.

This was my first Kit Reed book and I really enjoyed it. It was a rare rainy day here in California so I was able to devour this book at home with a mug of tea. Where gets started pretty quickly. In a few pages we learn that Architect David Ribault has a bad feeling about a developer who has shown up on Kraven Island looking to buy up property. Rawson Steele seems almost desperate in his desire to buy land and to get David on board.
Rawson sets up an early meeting with David on the mainland and when he no shows David returns home to find that the entire town of Kraven Island has disappeared including Steel himself. The novel then changes narratives between David’s attempts to find out what happened and his girlfriend Merrill’s experiences in the other space. The space where the disappeared are trapped.

There are some really spooky scenes in this book and lots of suspense. I just felt that the relationship between David & Merrill could have been a little deeper. It was hard to relate to his loss since we got so little interaction between the two before they were separated. An enjoyable read.

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