Friday, August 7, 2015

Review: The Day My Father Became a Bush by Van Leeuwen

I found this book in the New Releases section at my library a few days ago. I was really drawn to the book because of the unique title and  illustrated cover. I was also happy to discover this book was written and drawn by a female artist..There aren't any specifics about the time this story takes place but it is obviously a time of upheaval in Toda's life. 
Once her father goes off to war Toda's Grandmother sends her away, across the border to stay with a Mother she has never met. Things start out  fine until Toda is separated from the refugee group she must find a way to cross the border by herself. 
This story really reflects a child's view of war and separation. The illustrations in the book are powerful yet also in alignment with a child's thought processes. I 'm really looking forward to reading Van Leewen's other book Eep!

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