Friday, September 11, 2015

Baby Lit Spotlight : Emma & Treasure Island by Adams & Oliver

I received these two lovely books for Review from Gibbs Smith

I was thrilled with the Emma book instantly! Adams and Oliver are a great team. The colors of the book are astounding and will really keep children engaged. Each page features a character from Emma experiencing a different emotion. Emma gets the emotional fun started portraying Excited.

Treasure  Island is a primer for shapes. On the left side a shape like a square or oval is represented and the picture on the right has the same shape in a pictoral represntaton from a scene in Treasure Island. The green and primary colors in this book are wondefully vibrant and chidrn will love the boats, and locations that are displayed.
Both these books are perfect for storytime with young children and  adults will love the refrences to classic stories.

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