Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bloggiessta ! Final Wrap Up

Bloggiesta is a regular event where Bloggers spend a set number of days working on their blogs. Anyone can join and there is a great community on twitter using the hashtag #bloggiesta. There are also several challenges at the blogiesta website Here.

                                     Final Wrap Up        
Life intervened this weekend  so I didn't complete all my goals, but I'm very happy that my goodreads reviews are up to date, and I cleared a lot of clutter from my book shelves.
                                         MY GOALS
Transfer my blog to wordpress
Update my reviews on Goodreads

Update all the books on my shelves to Goodreads

Update my 2015 Challenges

Search & Sign up for Blog events through December

Connect with other #Bloggiesta members 

Bloggiesta Challenges

I finished these challenges :
Email Challenge



Steph Gorelenore said...

Wowza - I wish you luck with your transfer to wordpress I hope it goes smoothly :) Happy Bloggiesta!

Bree said...

Transferring to Wordpress is the easy part. Figuring out Wordpress after blogging on Blogger is the hard part. There are so many moving parts to Wordpress. Follow Ashley at Nose Graze's tutorial on moving from Blogger. Super easy.

Laurie C said...

I was so happy when I moved over to WP! I still have to use Blogger at work for three book club blogs that were already started before I got there, and boy, do I hate it! Looks like you're doing great with your list!