Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gothic September: Ligeia

I was so happy to discover this event from Castle Macabre I have been meaning to read more of Poe's short stories. Ligeia is a very interesting story. it revolves around a man morning the death of his wife, yet marries again soon after Ligeia's death. 

I had such a hard time with the beginning pages of this story. i get that the narrator loved his wife, but he went on and on about how prefect his wife was, and how wonderful his love was. His second wife pales in comparison, yet once she begins to get sick the story gets very creepy.

The second half of this story was very creepy and the ending was quite twisty. I'm looking forward to the next few stories In this challenge.

This story also qualifies for RIP X: Peril of the short story.

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