Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Review: Star Wars : Moving Target

This Novel Takes Place after The Empire Strikes Back

The Force Awakens Spoilers

The prologue and epilogue of this book contain some The Force Awakens spoilers They can be avoided by skipping these two parts. 
So I had the very best intentions to read The Journey To The Force Awakens books in chronological order. Yet once the comic Shattered Empire was delayed, and I saw this lovely cover by Phil Noto, I was lost.

Leia has a special place in my heart. Though I have always felt that Star Wars was for everyone,  as a young person of color I was drawn to Episode IV because of my love for Science Fiction vs seeing myself in the cast.

But once the iconic scroll was complete, there was Leia. I understood and loved Leia immediately. If it's true that all little girls are princesses, I had at last found my Princess. Here was a young woman standing up to the most terrifying character I had ever seen. A woman who had no problem speaking her mind or bossing her rescuers around. Not to mention a leader in the Rebellion whose orders were never questioned and whose imput was actively sought and appreciated.

So in this new world of canon novel my expectations for this novel were quite high,and I'm thrilled to say the authors of this novel exceeded all my expectations.

Cecil and Jason capture the essence of leia's character and then take her on an action packed adventure. Set almost immediately after the events in The Empire Strikes Back we see Leia in the midst of planning the Rebellion's next steps while inwardly reflecting on the loss of Han.

I loved the simple eloquence of the words the writers use to express what Han mean to her, what she wants him to be. 
The coiled frustration within her at not knowing the status of Lando and Chewbaccas search for Han is focused into a risky mission for the Rebellion. With a talented and diverse crew Leia sets off with a signal beacon meant to lure the Empire after while the remaining rebels formulate a plan to go after the second Death Star. 

The risk to Leia is strong as well as the team she has put together. What Leia struggles with the most is the lies she is forced to tell her own team, and the casualities that mount up in the struggle against the Empire.

Such a great read ! I really connected with all the members of Leia's team. They all had their time to shine and for the reader to build a bond with them. Despite knowing that comes next for Leia in Return of The Jedi, I still felt genuine concern for leia in a few scenes and the dangers faced by her team.

Here are some photos of the alien characters in the novel to help you get a sense of them physically. The authors do a great job describing them, but I found myself going to the web to get additional visual refrence.
This novel is also new reader friendly. i hope you give it a try ! Five stars all around!

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Usagi said...

Oh I am very excited for this book! I need to get this one and Aftermath!