Monday, September 14, 2015

R.I.PX Peril On The Screen Update 3

Update 3
I can't believe Halloween is almost here! Well I completed all 15 seasons of Poirot on Netflex and I'm having severe withdrawals! 

And I watched this movie which I didn't really enjoy, though I love the book:

            I've also been watching this show:

                                          Update 2

Here is what I have been watching over the last few weeks:

Poirot is amazing! I'm on season five right now and have loved the combination of humor and murder. David Suchet has made this role his own and I have no desire to see another in the role.

This is a wonderful little film by Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh. it was made before the couple tackled the Lord of The Rings and became a fan favorite of  horror fans.

This was an interesting documentary about the evolution of the American horror film.  I really enjoyed the commentary from some of my favorite directors and writers in the horror field.

I hope you all are watching some wonderfully creepy things.

Hello, Hello ! Though the weather isn't cooperating here in California, I'm in a Fall State of Mind! This summer I started a binge watch of this show:
Midsomer Murders
If I were to compare this show to an American one, it would be Law &; Order yet heavy on the Law. There is a lot of insight into contemporary English village life and lots of unique forms of murder in this show which I delighted in. I also loved the revolving cast of characters, though I got teary eyed when the first Barnaby left the show. 
For RIP X I finished the last available season of the show on Netflix : Season 15. This was the start of a new lead cast member also named Barnaby. The cases were wonderful but most importantly the cast showcased some much needed racial diversity. In 2011 when the show runner was questioned about the lack of diverse casting he  stated that the show was basically for a "certain type of viewer" which meant diversity wasn't a priority to him. The show really stepped up after this incident. There are noticeably more female roles as well as Asian and African actors cast in feature roles.

I've enjoyed the changes and can't wait for new seasons to be released on Netflix. The show is currently on its 18th season.

Inspector Morse 

Morse is a series I've heard about for some time and now I'm diving in! Morse is very interesing because he is a much older and the stories are much darker, yet enjoyable.

I enjoy both of these series. I hope you give one or both of them a try.

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