Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hallow Reads: I Luv Halloween by Keith Giffen & Benjamin Roman

I don't know how I missed this creepy series when Tokyopop published it years ago. This three volume story is in a Manga sized volume but is able to be read in traditional comic book format. I got the Ultra collected volume from my library, which is what I suggest readers try to get.

The story is super twisted. Seriously. Take what ever twisted little thing you think kids can get up to on Halloween and magnify by ten. Despite the cuteness of the characters there is a lot of violence and some sexually themed dialogue so it's not for really young kiddes. 

The first volume has to do with the kids recovering a lost bra that one of the guys sister stole. The next volume has aliens and the last is just a twisted free for all. Lots of dark humor. A must for teen and adult horror fans.

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