Friday, October 9, 2015

HallowReads Review: Gravity Falls Happy Summerween

Gravity Falls is a very trippy animated show about siblings who move to a town full of weird mysteries.

This is a flip book that has two stories adapted from the TV show. First up is Happy Summerween! This is an extra Halloween in Gravity Falls known to be haunted by the Summerween Trickster. The twins have different agendas for this night. Dipper wants to go to an older kids party while Mabel wants them to go trick or treating. They try to do both but they are confronted by the Triskster and given an impossible mission.

Next up is The Convenience Store of Horrors. Once again Dipper is trying to prove himself to the older kids and the enter an abandoned store. Of course the store is haunted by teenage hating ghosts and the spooking begins. 

This was a very fun book and it also has a lot of nice stickers. A great gift for a Halloween readalong.

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