Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Journey To The Force Awakens:Shattered Empire Issues 1 & 2


More pieces of The Force Awakens puzzle are revealed in the first two issues of this comic series. The first issue takes place immediately after the second Death Star is blown up. Actually a little before as the main character  Shara Bey provides escort for Luke Skywalker in his stolen Imperial shuttl, as  the Death Star explodes.

Shara is a very gifted pilot and her husband Kes is a ground soldier. After reconciling with her husband for one night Shara and Kes accompany Han Solo on a missionto take over a local Imperial garrison.

In issue two some time has passed and we learn that Shara and Kes have been apart for some time. Shara also is seperated from her child,  a boy who will grow to be a big part of  The Force Awakens. In this issue Shara accompanies Princess Leia on a diplomatic mission to Naboo just as the Empire is targeting it for destruction.

I'm really enjoying this series. The art was spectacular in the first issue but a little choppy in the second issue but still enjoyable.

Spoiler wise this book does show us that the war is not completely over, and must be fought on the battlefield and the court of diplomacy.

A solid read! No sign of Luke in the series yet but there are definite clues to the overall state of the galaxy in the past thirty years.

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