Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rolling With Rogues : Rogue Squadron Readalong

Unlike New Coke ,The New Star Wars canon has been very enjoyable. However there are some really great books in the Star Wars expanded universe, and the X-Wing series has always been touted as one of the best.

So a few years ago I picked up X-Wing Rogue Squadron and promptly dropped it after a few chapters. I just couldn't get into it. 

Recently I discovered The Far  Far Away Radio Podcast and discovered that they were hosting a read along podcast  encompassing the X-Wing novels, while waiting for the release of Rogue One. 

I really liked the energy of the hosts of this show and this time around I'm really enjoying the book. I will be posting my thoughts on the the weeks reading on this post and also answering the questions of the week here.

                              Week Three
                              Chapter 9-12

These Chapters had a lot of set up for the mission to come. I liked the descriptions of Coruscant and the fact that  Kirtan is afraid he is going to be executed. Instead he meets  Imperial Director  Ysanne Isard. Ysanne is a wonderful female character. I regret that this is a Legends book because Isard is amazing crafted. We also learn that Rogue Squadron continues to messs with the Y-Wing Pilots. GRRR! #TeamYWing!

This weeks listener Question is:
What pranks do  you think Rogue Squadron plays on Y-wing pilots? Hmm this is hard. Do you think they do the putting a sleepers fingers in water to make them wet themselves. I'm not sure. I love the Rogues but the are being super bratty to them.

                                  Week Two
                                 Chapters 5-8

This week the droids stole the show for me this time around. Whistler is such a sweetie and so devoted to Corran who makes him do to many sad whistles :(. I also loved Wedge's droid Mynock. Also Wedge is such the cool dude in this book. He is large and in charge! Corran is such a great character because he annoys me so much of the time! I'm totally eye rolling through most of the things he says. I'm looking forward to seeing his personal growth through out the series. 

Also a shout out to Lujayne. She is such a great female character. I love that she is able to point out Corran's faults to him without being insulting.

This weeks listener Question is:
Out of the new pilots , who are you most interested in learning more about and why?

I an really attached to Ooryl Qrygg. I'm fascinated with his way of speaking and I'm interested in the Gand race as well. Ooryl is so sweet that I'm afraid things are going to go badly for him. I'm excited to see how he and Corran rub off on each other as the books go on.
                                     Week One
                                  Chapters 1-4
For some reason this book is flowing really well for me this time. I loved the premise of the novel and seeing Wedge take charge of the new Squadron. My favorite scene was when Wedge was describing the history of the Rogue Squadron and he mentioned that they had "killed" two Death Stars. A nice solid beginning.

The Listener Question of the Week is:

What would you name your astromech droid?
I chose 9Jack9 which I think is some obscure reference to an Anime :)

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