Thursday, November 5, 2015

Journey To The Force Awakens: The Weapon Of A Jedi

This Novel takes place after the events of Episode IV A NewHope. There is also A prologue that gives a hint of things to come in the Force Awakens, including a supporting character in the movie.

One of the main questions on Star Wars fans minds is where is Luke Skywalker? Though this novel gives us no clues to answering that question we do get a great story about Luke's journey before he made it to Hoth.

Luke is sent on a mission in a battered A wing and immediately encounters trouble as he is shot down on a remote planet.  Once he lands Luke feels a strong pull to a forbidden area in the planets jungle area. 

While Luke gets his ship repaired he wittnesses how even on fringe worlds the Empire has negatively impacted the life of many locals.

Luke hires a local guide and he spends days in a former Jedi temple feeling the echos of the temple masters and learning from the jedi trainng remotes.

But his peace cannot last. The Empire has found him and his new young friend finds her life and her fathers at risk for helping Luke.

I'm quite the fan of Jason Fry. His Servants of The Empire Rebels tie in is one of my favorite StarWars series. His version of Luke's inner monologues and motivations rings true in a very stellar fashion. I really felt like this was "my" Luke. It's the first canon novelization of Luke I've enjoyed to date.

This book is a quick read but it has some interesting characters that I would really like to see more of. Lukes guide in this novel is already an action figure so I'm sure he will turn up at some point in The Force Awakens. This was a really great read and I hope to see Jason work with Luke again in a novel.

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