Monday, November 16, 2015

Marvel Monday: Angela : Asgard's Assassin by Gillen, Bennett & Various

Marvel is doing a wonderful job at diversifying their universe and increasing their female led titles. Angela continues that theme and has some spectacular action.

This is not entirely new reader friendly but if you are hooked by the action it's pretty easy to figure out what has come before. 
Angela isn't like the Angels humans have thought existed for generations. They are space faring instruments of justice. And nothing comes for free, if you want Angels to act a price must be paid. Angela is one of the best of her breed. A fierce fighter and natural negotiator.

After the events of the series Original Sin it was revealed that Angela is actually the long lost daughter of Odin and his wife.Sister to Thor. Angelea doesnt take to the news very well. She has been raised as an Angel and has no plans to return to Asgard.

So it is a shock to everyone when Angela kidnaps her newborn sibling straight from the Goddess's birthing chamber.

Soon a  host of Asgardians are on her tail. This book has a guest appearance by the Guardians of the Galaxy and of course Loki.

This was a solid beginning to the series. I'll confess to enjoying Angela's adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy more but I will be keeping an eye on this series.

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