Friday, November 13, 2015

Sci-Fi Month : Battlestar Revisited

I wanted to find a series to binge watch during Sci- Fi month and I stumbled across the original Battlestar Galactica on Netflix. I was immediately thrown back to my childhood love for the show. Battlestar filled the void Star Wars left in my life. For those not familiar with the show Battlestar is about a caravan of ships escaping from the Cylons, evil robots that want to destroy human kind. 

Galactica has a huge emotional component to it. A lot of it centers around the Galactica crew. Like pilot Apollo son of the Commander of the Galactica.

             Romance & Heartbreak

There is also a lot of diversity in the show compared to most  at the time. Pilot Boomer is an important pilot in Blue  Squadron and Commander Ty is second in command .

                          Awesome  Villians

So far the show is holding up very well. There is a little bit of outdated special effects, but the emotional heart of this show beats strong. I'm looking forward to experiencing it all over again. 

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Kathy A said...

This brings back memories of my childhood!! I had a huge crush on Apollo and this started my girl crush on Jane Seymour. I agree the special effects weren't that great but it was the stories and the characters that were the main attraction for me.