Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tea Diaries 4: To Sweet or Not To Sweet

How to flavor tea varies person to person and even country to country. Some choices may be due to habit and others due to dietary restrictions or nutritional concerns.

Many add sweetness because they find tea bitter, but I have recently discovered that tea mostly tastes bitter due to improper brewing.

                  Teas That Taste Great Unsweetened

                                    Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea brewed correctly has a nice pleasant taste that doesn't  require any sweetener. 

                               Red Tea & Chai Tea
Honeybush Red tea has a nice taste that does well on it's own and I also find Chai tea, especially a strong brew does great with just a little bit of almond milk.

I have however yet to find a Black Tea that can't use a little bit of sweetness so here are some of my favorite sweetness.


There are so many great varieties of honey out in the world. The best place to try a variety of honeys would be at a farmers market.  Recently  I tasted Avocado honey which had a nice taste that pairs well with Earl Grey. Eucalyptus Honey pairs well with Irish Breakfasts Tea, and Orange Blossom honey is one that blends well with all types of tea.

You can also give Raw honey a try. Raw honey has a more subtle sweetness that pairs well with many teas as well.

                       Teavana Rock Sugar

This sugar has a very subtle taste that adds sweetness without changing the taste of the tea. This tea also isn't too bad calorie wise compared to sugar.


 There are a variety of stevia products on the market, but this is my favorite because it doesn't have any carbs. Also it has zero calories! I use this in all my teas and always enjoy it. However it is important to watch how much stevia you use because, its very strong Less is more!

So what are your favorite tea sweetners? Happy Drinking!                                          

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