Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful Reads: Sarah Gives Thanks by Mike Allegra

We all have Thanksgiving Traditions but do you know the origins of how Thanksgiving became a National Holiday?
In this book we are introduced to Sarah Hale a young woman who lived in the 1800's.

Sarah had a great thirst for knowledge, and a passion for writing. She published many articles in women's magazines and even wrote the poem Mary Had A Little Lamb.

After her husband died, Sarah began writing full time and became a noteworthy voice amongst women. If Sarah loved a book or a product it was guaranteed to be successful. She even was one of the first recommend that women engage in physical exercise which was thought unladylike at the time.

Thanksgiving was one of Sarah's favorite holidays and she campaigned for it to be a national holiday for over 36 years. Every presidential election was an opportunity for Sarah to petition the president to make Thanksgiving a National Holiday. None listened until Abraham Lincoln. With the nation in turmoil due to the Civil War Lincoln thought a day of gratitude would help heal the nation.

I really enjoyed this book. The art was really lovely and I was touched by Sarah's passionate determination. It is so easy to get caught up in shopping and entertainment that we forget that the day is meant for reflection and gathering together with friends and family.

A lovely read!

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